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Written By Barry Kooij ON September 16, 2016

Today we released a new extension for WP Car Manager: ADF Leads! With this extension you can collect customer leads in the industry standard Auto-Lead Data Format (ADF) directly from the listing page!

What is ADF?

Auto-lead Data Format (ADF) is an open XML-based standard for sending consumer purchase requests to automotive dealerships. Many vendors of CRM systems serving the automotive industry support ADF. Using the ADF Leads extension, your WP Car Manager website can directly create leads in your ADF powered software.

Replacing the Default Contact Method

The ADF Leads extension replaces the default contact button on your listing detail pages. If your visitors (potential leads) now click the contact button, a form will be displayed. After the user completes the form, your website will create an ADF-lead and send this to an email address of your choice.

WP Car Manager ADF Leads - Form Preview

The new ADF powered Leads form

Your ADF-powered software will be able to parse the leads directly. This allows you to handle your leads with more ease while saving you a ton of time!

The ADF Leads extension is made by Kyle Johnson, making it the first third-party extension for WP Car Manger. Check out the ADF Leads extension here >>

Products Used in This Post

  • ADF Leads

    Collect customer leads in the industry standard Auto-Lead Data Format (ADF) directly from the listing page.

  • WP Car Manager

    WP Car Manager’s goal is to enable anyone to manage and list their cars by using WordPress. With our plugin anyone can add, manage and list cars without any technical knowledge!

2 thoughts on “Collect ADF Leads with WP Car Manager

  1. Awesome! Is it possible running this plugin icm the car manager in marketplace mode? Give dealers a front-end settings-page so they can active the form or not and set their credentials/settings to their crm package.

    • Hey Patrick,

      Thanks for the kind words! Currently there’s only 1 email address where the ADF leads will be send to but I do like this idea a lot! I’ll make sure to share it with Kyle!

      Kind Regards,

      Barry Kooij

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