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Written By Barry Kooij ON January 24, 2019

Today we released a new version (4.2.0) for Download Monitor! In this new update, we added a Gutenberg block so you can easily add download links/buttons to your posts.

Live Preview

One thing that was missing in the old shortcode solutions was a way to (pre)view your download buttons while writing your post. The shortcode would display as text and would only be converterd to the actual download button on the frontend.

In the new Gutenberg block, this is no longer the case! Your button will display in the new WordPress editor exactly like it will display on your website. The preview will automatically update when you change things like what download or version you want your visitors to download but you can also directly update what template to use!

Here’s a quick preview on how this looks:

What about the “old” shortcodes?

The old shortcodes will continue to work like they did before. We decided not to replace the shortcodes but to add the new Gutenberg block as a new, extra, feature. This way you can decide if you rather use a shortcode or the Gutenberg block. Another benefit of this decision is that we’ll continue to support users who have not yet updated to WordPress 5.0 or who decided to disable Gutenberg.

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