Hello World!


Written By Barry Kooij ON September 5, 2016

Hello World! Our first post on a new blog.

Like many first posts, this is going to be an introduction to what the blog will be about. So what will the blog be about? Well, about our products.

Earlier I used to blog everything at my personal website. Turning that blog into a mix of personal experiences and product release posts. And honestly, while there is some overlap in people who enjoy reading both most people are only interested in one of ‘m.

And that’s where the Never5 Blog comes in

All blog posts related to our free and premium products will be posted here and my personal rambling will be posted at my personal blog. Also, in time more people than just me will be placing posts on this blog. We’re not just going to be posting release posts, though. We’ll also blog about cool ways to use our products and interesting cases we ran into of how people used our products.

I’m excited about the new blog. Not so much as for what it is now but very much for what it will become. If you’d like to be kept up to date with new posts and other changes, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter at the top left of your screen. It’s a big step forward for me personally as well as for Never5. The next chapter if you will, I’ll hope you join me.


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