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Written By Barry Kooij ON September 7, 2017

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We just released a big update for Related Posts for WP Premium! As always, we have a full changelog up on our website but I wanted to take this chance to talk you through 3 new cool features.

More Widget Control

One thing we’ve heard a lot in support is customers wanting to have more control over how their related posts are displayed in widgets. In previous versions the widget already had its own template file so it could be customized but it would require you to always use custom code this. Not ideal, we agree.

So in 1.7.0 we introduced the option in our Related Posts for WP widget to select what template file it should use. This way you can keep the simple bullet display style it currently has, use the Styling Configurator to style your widgets or use a completely (new) custom template!

Related Posts for WP Premium new WordPress Widget

Handling Post Deletion

One of the most important aspects of our plugin is performance. We’re very proud in being able to not slow down your website while offering you quality related posts. Our plugin performs so well, it’s often the only allowed on-site related post plugin for many hosts (like WPEngine).

One of the reasons we perform so well is the cache we build when you install our plugin (this is what we’re doing in the wizard). As with any cache, the downside is it can get outdated. One of the challenges we were facing were website that often rotate content, meaning they not only post a lot of new content but also remove old posts. In the new update we’ll automatically update your cache when a published post is removed or put back to draft. Keeping your related posts up to date and correct!


Another new features in 1.7 is being able to only have related posts from certain categories. In previous version similar functionality was achievable by using one of our code snippets. The amount of people wanting this functionality is what made us decide to add it as an option into the plugin. Meaning you can now use this functionality without having to deal with any code!

Related Posts for WP Premium new WordPress Categories Options

If you’re currently using one of our category related filter snippets, these will continue to work after updating to 1.7.0. We do recommend if you decide to use the new Categories options, that you remove the category custom code.

You can view the full changelog here >>

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