WP Car Manager CSV Exporter Released!


Written By Barry Kooij ON October 7, 2016

Today we’ve released a new extension for WP Car Manager: The CSV Exporter Extension. The CSV Exporter exports all cars including features, makes, models and all car data to a CSV file.

Why CSV?

There are multiple formats we could have chosen to generate an export in. The goal for most exports is to import your data somewhere else. So exporting your data to a format that is widely supported is key. Most systems support one or multiple standard format, CSV being one of them.

CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. Simply put, we put all your car data in a text file, 1 car per row and separate the car data with commas (,). The simplicity of the format is what makes it so popular and widely supported. The CSV file we generate can also be opened in applications like Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers. These applications display the CSV data in a more structured way, allow you to easily edit the data.

Importing CSV Files

We’re currently working on creating a CSV Importer for WP Car Manager. The CSV Importer will use the same format as the CSV that is generated by the CSV Exporter. This way you can directly import CSV files into WP Car Manager that are generated by the CSV Exporter. If you’d like to be notified when we release the CSV Importer extension, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Products Used in This Post

  • CSV Exporter

    Export all your cars to a CSV file with a single click! The CSV Exporter exports all cars including features, makes, models and all car data to a CSV file!

  • WP Car Manager

    WP Car Manager’s goal is to enable anyone to manage and list their cars by using WordPress. With our plugin anyone can add, manage and list cars without any technical knowledge!

2 thoughts on “WP Car Manager CSV Exporter Released!

  1. Hallo Barry,

    Awesome new addon! Is it possible to scribe the csv to a location on the server and run a cronjob so the export csv file get updated every time?

    For the importer it would be awesome i could do the same running cronjobs to update the vehicle listing per source/client. So add soure the link to the csv file and than a settings to witch useraccount the feed belongs and the time the cronjob need to check the source for updates!

    Thanks looking forward to many more updates/extensions to come to wpcarmanager!

    • Hey Patrick,

      Thanks for the kind words!

      Currently it’s not possible to write the export to a location on the server. I do like the idea so I’ve added this to our ideas board for future releases!


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